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1.What is your consulting philosophy? Different consultants have different approaches. Some are very practical and want to get very involved in the mechanics of the business. Others may have a more detached approach and want to deal only in generalities.

At HQ BIZCON, we help our clients to develop systems for solving problems.

We know that our clients are very independent business owners who don't want some stranger interfering with their firm. Therefore, we generally limit our meetings to monthly contacts with some phone or e-mail in-between. The client always controls their company. We simply help them by offering very specific business advice and marketing help to solve problems and meet goals.

To those who are Foreign enterprises without any knowledge and experience in doing business in Vietnam, we are offering the total consulting package that fit all your requirement.

2.What is your fee structure?

HQ BIZCON works on a very flexible basis. Some of our clients  work on the month-to-month basis, some are on annual retainer basis, some prefer success basis or package basis. The fee structure depends on the type of service requested by the client and how long it will take to complete the task.

3. Do you work off a proposal or on a contract?

At HQ BIZCON, we offer the tailor-made services that designed to fit every single clientís needs.

4. Your best clients.

It is our policy to keep our client is a very confidential files and we do not share any information regarding our clients to the 3rd party. Our clients already have good businesses but want to make them better. They appreciate what we do for them and they are a joy to work with.

5. Your worst clients.

The worst clients we've ever had were willing to pay us money, but didn't want to make necessary changes in their business - because 1st they were uncomfortable with change and/or 2nd they were disorganized and couldn't make time to make changes. These relationships didn't last long, since both of us soon wondered what they were paying us money for. We now closely pre-screen prospects to uncover such potential problems before we accept them as clients.

6.What are you best at? Is there a fit between the consultant's strengths and your needs? If so, you've found a good fit.

HQ BIZCON' clients tell us that we are strongest in the marketing (marketing, positioning, sales and promotion)and public relation arenas. They also find our advice very helpful in the Government Relations arena (Connecting our clients with Governmental organizations, Ministries and local government authority)

7. What are you worst at? Is the consultant weak in the areas where you need help? Now's the time to find out - before you engage a consultant's services and start paying money.

HQ BIZCON works primarily with firms who sell goods or services to other businesses. We also consult with firms who sell directly to the public. Our client list includes manufacturers, business and professional service firms, distributors and wholesalers. We have the experience to cover marketing and business-related issues for these types of firms.

We donít consult with firms who sell weapon and other illegal products and services because we have little expertise in these areas.


8. Can you supply us with references? Consulting firms have a confidential relationship with clients and must protect it. Nevertheless, any firm worth its salt can provide you with clients who have agreed to provide references.



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